Aditi - 2 Kinderen, 3 Dagen

Stad: Eindhoven ( km)

Kinderen: Sunaina Deb (9), Tara Deb (12)

van 14-03-2019

tot geen einddatum


Dinsdag van 16:45 tot 18:15.

Woensdag van 15:00 tot 18:15.

Donderdag van 16:00 tot 18:30.

Gastnanny, hoger uurloon

Omschrijving (min. 200):

Hello, I am looking for someone to pick up the children from school, and be with them till I am home from work. My girls are 9 & 12 and don't really need supervision but it's nice to have someone who can help to make sure they do theur homeowrk, make them tidy up their things and perhaps help to do minor rasks like a bit of cooking.


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Telefoonnummer: +31639557575


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