Xiaolin - 2 Kinderen, 4 Dagen

Stad: Delft ( km)

Kinderen: Yojan Wu (4), Minghe Wu (2)

van 08-03-2019

tot 28-06-2019


Maandag van 08:00 tot 18:30.

Dinsdag van 08:00 tot 18:30.

Donderdag van 08:00 tot 18:30.

Vrijdag van 08:00 tot 18:30.

Omschrijving (min. 200):

Hi Elze, My name is Jun-Ju. My wife Xiaolin and I are looking for sitter for our son Yojan(4.5) and daughter Minghe (almost 3). We find your sevice seems to be just what we need. Here I explain our situation. On as working days except for Wednesday from 7:45 am to 8:45 am, the sitter will bring Minghe to a peuterspelzaal. From 12:00 to 18:30, the sitter will bring the little ones home from peuterspelzaal and school. An electric bicycle with chariot is available. We live 15 min from the primary school (DSV), 5 min from the poeterspelzaal (Dikkertje Dap). They don't really have homework yet, but fun activities, drawing, sports, and reading children's books are certainly good. We would like to receive offer and sitter profile for discussion. And we are wonder if we get to have a chat with candidate and the kids together to talk things through. Yojan and Minghe speak more and more Dutch, and we speak mostly Chinese at home. I speak Dutch, and my wife is improving as well. I often stay outside NL for work, and Xiaolin works full-time too. So it would be more straight forward to contact her. Feel free to give me a ring any time! :) My wife's contact: Xiaolin Wang xiaoxiaorenyu@gmail.com 06 3398 1622 My contact info is: junjuwu@gmail.com 06 1649 5846


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Telefoonnummer: 0639557575

Emailadres: Delft@oppasmadelief.nl

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