Deone - 1 Kinderen, 3 Dagen - (€560 - €672 per maand)

Stad: Heemstede ( km)

Kinderen: Mieke (4)

van 30-01-2019

tot geen einddatum


Dinsdag van 14:30 tot 17:30.

Donderdag van 14:30 tot 17:00.

Vrijdag van 08:00 tot 17:30.

Omschrijving (min. 200):

We are from South Africa and have been living in the Netherlands for a year now. Both myself and my husband works full time. Mieke is starting basis school in March and we need a bit of help during the week. Mieke is a very smart little girl, with a great sense of humor and a big heart.


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Telefoonnummer: 0654228443